Never underestimate your FRIENDS…


Especially FRIENDS who invite you to BEER FESTIVALS!

Separately, the two are forces to be reckoned with. Together, on one of the hottest muggiest days in Beijing… they made for one of the best experiences I’ve had in China to date. This past Saturday, we attended The Beijinger Beer Festival 2011 at Villa Castanea in Fragrant Hills.

Although the weather provided no relief for festival goers, organizers were prepared for the worst. As patrons entered the Villa they were handed fans, fedoras, steins, and cold beer. What more could anyone ask for (other than an ‘A/C to molest’ as my friend J put it)?

Featured tents were repping everything from local breweries like Great Leap and DXcel… to world renowned names like Heineken and Vandergeeten… to the house brew, Villa Castanea. They even had drinking contests (two liters, one straw, no hands… GO).

In a moment of national pride I cheered on one gentleman who, hailing from Northern California, drank the competition into submission… TWICE. His talents were so overwhelming, he was kindly asked not to enter any of the upcoming competitions. As the famous Tupac song goes… “California… know’s how to party

We munched on bratwurst with sauerkraut, beer battered fish, and German pretzels while enjoying the entertainment. DJs Patrick Yu, Usami, Nassdak, and Bitesize Buddha held down the 1s & 2s. Then beer guzzlers were in for a real treat when Bluegrass band Randy Abel Stable sang classics tunes while accepting free beer from their fans. My absolute fave was Mongolian band Ajinai who after joining Randy Abel Stable for a few songs took to the stage and got me ready to do my war dance. Thankfully, my friends were too busy being mesmerized by the Mongolian throat singing that they didn’t snap a picture of me doing said dance.


After spending 19 hours awake (and downing 6 7 steins of Strongbow)… the following day I was in true EarthToTrish mode. BUT like any respectable Bierleichen, I did find time to make myself some grub…

ETT's Evening After Meal

All in all, this was a wonderful excursion thanks to The Beijinger and my crazy, but amazing cohorts. We can’t wait to be there next year!

Did you attend? If so, what did you think about it? How was your weekend?

Signing Off… ETT!

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