Climbing 800m hurts…

…thankfully, we picked the shorter mountain to climb. I wish I could say they made it easy on us, but this was a hike.

龙庆峡 (pinyin: Long Qing Xia)… is Beijing’s Small Three Gorges.

They’ve got everything from serene waterways…

to non-smoking areas… =)

an "Illusion Point" (or observatory) at the top of each mountain peak…

to the "Beijing Bikini"…

(hey, what better way to cool off than to partially strip)

This is mos def worth a repeat… although I was too timid to try the bungee jump and zip-line, I still managed to keep myself entertained. Tune in this winter for a quick review of the 龙庆峡 Ice Festival.

Signing off… ETT =)

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