“No Admittance” signs are just suggestions

Great Wall Underwater

… because I’m pretty sure it says ‘come on in’ in Chinese! I could be wrong, but judging by all the locals walking straight past the cautionary stake in the ground, I’m thinking it should be followed by a question mark and smiley face. (:

This past weekend, we decided to explore the Lake Side Great Wall Reserve (or 黄花城, HuangHuaCheng) where a portion of the Beijing Great Wall is under water. It was a pretty cool thing to see, but the story (not as cool) is that a dam was built in the neighborhood some years ago and the water was pushed over a low portion of the wall.

Yea… I know… It would have won many awesome points if they built a section underwater.

Park Sign

We were headed towards the under water Great Wall & Chestnut Garden, but I knew this place was alright when I saw that they had a "Pleasure Boat" (50pts to Lakeside)

Despite the “no admittance” signs, we still took the time to explore what we could. It was a beautiful area…


Rocky Mountains & Streams

and it even has a ‘sandy beach’…

Sandy Beach Sign

Sandy Beach

The "10m" is not the distance to the 'beach'... it's the actual length of the beach!

…I would NEVER have assumed this would be worthy of being classified as a beach, but who am I to judge!?!

I think we will definitely try this hike again and might even run a few of the trails… next time, we’re going all in… right past the “no admittance” signs… it’s the Brooklyn in me… I’m a ‘Trail Thug’ what can I say.

Have you disobeyed caution signs before? Would you do something like that just for the sake of adventure?

Signing off… ETT =)

what do you think?

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