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November 25, 2011


You might think that “FULL” is some indication of the amount of food I consumed this Thanksgiving… but I’m happy to say that you thought wrong! I’m just full of things to be thankful for. They may be small things and they may not mean much to people other than me, but they mean the world to me. I truly enjoyed this holiday and spent it with wonderful people!!!

So from the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU!… FOR EVERYTHING!

ANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDD now I can go sleep off all that food I ate (those wonderful people can throw down). It’ll look something like this…

Turn that friggin' light off! =|

Signing Off… ETT!!!
November 22, 2011

To Run or Not To Run!?!

… that was the question. It’s already been answered though… Honolulu Marathon, here I come!

While planning a winter vacation to somewhere sunny, I searched fervently for local race information stumbled across a nice little gem. I may be a weirdo, but to me it seemed only right that the Honolulu Marathon was going to take place smack dab in the middle of my island hopping extravaganza. I am most certainly going to hop my silly behind over to the starting line and get my run on. This is what vacations are all about… no?

What? You don’t run a 26.2-mile race when you go on vacation? Ok ok ok… I’m crazy for doing this, but I just can’t imagine when I would spend this much money just to compete in a race. I’ll have ample time to enjoy the islands as I taper my workouts. Right!?!

Speaking of workouts… it didn’t help that I decided to do this so close to race day. I mean, I’ve been running… but not with a real goal in mind. So I had to ramp up the efforts… I threw together a 25-day plan chock full o’ tempo runs, speed & strength work, along with some long runs. I’m six days into and although there is some familiar race preparation aching, my legs feel strong… and I’m psyched!

Trust me… you would be excited too… just imagine watching the sun rise over Diamond Head or running along Waikiki Beach! I’m giddy with excitement. I don’t, however, know how I feel about this scavenger hunt at the end of the race for my finisher’s medal and race shirt… but I think I can deal. It’ll be a new adventure… good or bad, I love adventure!

My goal is to try and catch up to ole Nicky Nick here and get his autograph...

Annnnnnddddd if nothing else, it’ll make for some wicked oceanside bikini pics… YEEEEEAAAAAAA BOYYYYYYYYY


Signing Off… ETT =)

November 17, 2011

Tour d’Afrique

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Motto of the Day: Whole Foods selling pre-washed lettuce is one of the small joys of life one should not ignore.

A Short Note from Africa

My less polished English will make you realize soon that this is not Trish. This is Trish’s friend, Eva. I am currently in the middle of forcibly changing my self-concept in the most western point of Africa: Dakar, Senegal. In my wedding vow I promised my husband to follow him on his way; at that time I did not know this path is somewhat curved.

My Venezuelan friend, who lived in Budapest* told me once that each place he had lived, changed him. I am a bit hesitant whether Dakar is changing me for the better, but here is a list of some of my recent “achievements”:

1. I started driving. Even though there are cute goats staring at you when you stop at crosswalks and cows with easily visible bone structures that block the road, I enjoy it.

2. I jog outside every other day. It is fascinating how many people work out here; hundreds are running on the beach, doing sit-ups at 7 am on sidewalks or push-ups on stairs on the seaside – in a country with over 40% unemployment (I understand there might not be a direct correlation between economy and the desire to do exercise). A photo of the popular ‘Muscle Beach’ is below. There is another reason why I must work out: the French left some really good recipes here when they left the country in 1960. Unfortunately I cannot resist the fresh bread with olives and tomato sauce, the warm baguettes or chocolate croissants sold at almost each corner.

3. I extended my English vocabulary on technical expressions. Power outage became part of my life. Electricity is sporadic, adding a romantic ambience to the apartment. Words like generator, regulator, ups, modem, server would never have become part of my vocab.

4. I reevaluated the real need of having as many clothes as I do. I found an article about European women having 60 bags on average. From here it seems surrealistic that things like that have importance!!!

5. I practice patience every day to release toxic energies like frustration that is not uncommon when one lives outside his/her comfort zone. (There is still room for improvement as far as patience). I do not want to pull out my hair one by one any more when the IT-guy who promised to give me an extension cord shows up with it two days later or when getting a bill in a restaurant takes approximately an hour.

I can already foresee some future changes in my personality after we relocate to Europe/ the US:

1. I will appreciate having electricity all the time even though converting a power outage into a romantic evening with a bunch of candles over the bathtub can be fun. The same applies to the constant supply of water and internet.

2. I will enjoy not having to clorox vegetables and fruits before eating.

3. I will appreciate cabs with doors that can be properly closed and one does not have the feeling that it will fall apart any minute. Seatbelts are simply a luxury here.

4. I will love that trails are not turned into a mutton selling place overnight.

My only hope is that someone who put me here had a good reason to do so, and I will find out what it is :). If you happen to be in the Whole Foods with unlimited access to baby carrots, please enjoy it for me while I am trying to get the answer from the Universe.

* I am from Hungary.

NOTE FROM ETT: Thank you so much, Eva, for this wonderful guest post! I hope you will come back and share your experiences again soon. =) Go check out Eva’s new blog, Tour d’Afrique!

November 7, 2011


So… I will spare you (actually I’m doing this for me) the Hangover-esque details of the wedding night… just trust me when I say we SHUT IT DOWN!!!

…even Chef Jacque got some of the action…

[If you’re ever in New Orleans, go enjoy a fried shrimp po’ boy at Chef J’s Crabby Jack’s! You won’t be disappointed.]

We had one crazy night… and one very important thing to do the next morning… retrace our route back throughout Bourbon Street to find us some beignets and coffee at Cafe Du Monde…

Surprisingly, Bourbon Street was lemony fresh by 0800 the next day…

This brought on some dejavu, as I vaguely remember howling… at something

I also recall enjoying a wonderful jazz band here…


SCANNNN-dalous, I think I saw these two in the flesh the night before…

Our reminiscent stroll was coming to an end, so we popped in here for souvenirs…

After scarfing down warm French donuts, we headed to the Garden district… with powdered sugar EVERYWHERE (they need to give out head cones with each beignet sold…to localize the mess)



And sweet…

It was time for me to put out the flame in my gas lantern…



…but not before Tenacious D and I (green) made a Mardi Gras pact!

Signing Off… ETT =)

November 6, 2011

The PRE-

Eat at Huck Finn’s…

Escape through the terrace at Bienville House…

Visit the room where Plessy vs. Fergerson was decided at the Cabildo…

Catch a show at Jackson Square…

Beignets & coffee… NUFF SAID

Take in the beautiful iconic Mississippi River…

Pay your respects…

Make googly eyes at a pretty yellow butterfly…

Stop for a snack at Popeye’s…

Take a scenic ride down Canal Street…

…and this was just the first day!!!

We had a chance to do some site-seeing before the wedding and five minutes after we left the hotel I knew I would love to live in New Orleans. =)

November 3, 2011

New Orleans is an AMAZING City

Say it with me… AH-MAZE-ING!!!

In all my travels, I have yet to find a city that reminds me of home… I mean, come on…New York is a formidable contender.

BUT New Orleans has changed all that. That city is ALIVE! And I love it.

I’m still a tad bit drunk from all that Cajun fiyah I was exposed to… so the recap post (with pics) will follow.

Signing Off, Bayyyy-beh… ETT =)