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December 31, 2011

Did I Ever Tell You Guys That I Was Crazy


I’ll spare you all my “nut” jokes and just say that I hope everyone has a wonderful & safe New Year’s Eve and the most incredible 2012. I’ll probably be somewhere amongst the Central Park shrubbery with a bottle of champagne and a bag of salty nuts……..What!?!…You see who’s sponsoring the race! Don’t look at me like that! >_<

UPDATE: The Emerald Nuts Midnight Run sponsored by NYRR was great and so were the festivities in NYC! I hope everyone had a wonderful NYE ūüôā


Signing Off…ETT =)

December 17, 2011

The Honolulu Marathon Recap

This was a wonderful experience. Given the opportunity, I would do it all over again. And I would run behind this guy…


Like many other marathoners, part of my pre-race ritual includes reading race reviews. Sadly none of my go-to bloggers had done this race so I had to rely on the regular Internet…UGH. The results were not pretty. Major complaints included too many runners, organizers catered to Japanese runners more than Americans, and too much highway! And that’s only naming a few.

Thank goodness I’m as stubborn as an ox (my mom showed me the test results…this is a proven fact). I just have to experience things for myself. And after I saw the starting line…then the fireworks…IT WAS A WRAP


Those reviews were bogus. There were lots of people running and more than enough room for all of us. There were English/Japanese translations for everything. That was never an issue. And the scenery was beautiful. You’re running in Hawaii!!! Enjoy it!

I started with a pretty even steady pace…I was happy with that. Singing Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes out loud and taking it all in.


Them came the spill…it was an unfortunate accident. Someone stopped short in front of me and to avoid killing her I dove left and my knee made contact with the concrete…HARD. That was at mile 15 and every move was painful after that.

I was moving much slower, trying to incorporate a walk-some/run-some technique, but I couldn’t mask the pain. Then the water came…that rain was good and bad all at the same time. It was refreshing, but it brought a pretty wicked head wind.


The important thing is that I made it…and I was happy. It took 6 hours and 55 minutes, but boy was I happy. So we’re the two young ladies that finished alongside me that burst into tears. It was just THAT AMAZING!!

And then I went surfing…


…ok, I went to a bar to watch football, but in my head I was surfing.

Great race! Great island!

Signing off…ETT! =)

December 14, 2011

No More Running…

…at least not until New Years Day! Ok, I’m crazy for thinking this… but even though I can barely walk today (two days after the Honolulu Marathon) I’m already planning my next race. 18 days from now I plan on running in the new year at Central Park. What can I say!?! I’m born & raced in NY.

The Honolulu Marathon is complete… It was beautiful, painful, long, eventful, and AH-MAZE-ING. 70 years after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, it was awesome to see the Japanese turn out for this event. Kama’aina & Malihini… we all ran together. Much aloha to Honolulu for hosting us and Japanese Airlines for sponsoring us and the Hawaiian people for being so hospitable.


December 9, 2011

Funniest Thing I Heard Today…

Q: What lasted longer than CP3’s time as a Laker?
A: Kim Kardashian’s marriage!

That’s just wrong =/

In other news, I got taped up at the Honolulu Marathon Expo…let’s see if it helps with the achilles tendinitis for Sunday’s race.

Signing Off… ETT =)

December 1, 2011

Spotify, An NBA Christmas, and Stiff Joints…

… these things topped the list of thoughts that ran through my head during last night’s 12-miler. Here’s what I was thinking:

  1. SPOTIFY: Anything that has anything to do with music always catches my attention. What can I say… I can’t live without music. That’s the truth and I’m not afraid to say it. [INSERT TANGENT HERE] I once had my car radio stolen (by-product of living in the hood) right before a pre-planned four-hour¬†drive to NYC… it¬†was the longest four hours of ETT’s life, let me tell you. I can’t sing! And¬†I had to sing to myself, out loud… [END OF TANGENT]¬†I digress.¬†I’m sadly not interested in Spotify at all. Why would I want to pay $10/month for streaming¬†audio (that’s possibly not¬†streaming as fast as advertised)¬†when¬†I could just pony up¬†the¬†same amount and¬†support the artists I love by buying their album??? If I’m not guaranteed¬†gapless playback, why bother?¬†Sorry, that’s just how I feel about it. I’m going to continue to buy albums by my favorite artists and those¬†funky newbies until somebody finds a way to give me the same quality¬†while¬†compensating the musicians/artists/engineers/producers/writers/others the way they deserve to be compensated. This took up about 40 minutes of¬†the run… by the way I was listening to Drake’s new album Take Care ‚̧¬†
  2. NBA Christmas: Some people wish for snow and presents… I just want to get some Knicks tickets for me and the fam. I think it would be a very welcome change to the normal holiday schedule of events. No?
  3. Stiff Joints:¬†I’m not talking illegal substance abuse here… it was more like old lady joint pain. I mean, boy was my right ankle killing me. The crazy part was whenever I slowed down, it hurt more. What kind of sick twisted skeletal-sadism is this!?! What do you want from me, right ankle? What you’re telling me is if I run faster you won’t hurt? I oughta kick you in the you know what, you mean little ankle! Yea… I said it!

Do you daydream about randomness when you run? Most times I just focus on the music and my feet.

Signing off… ETT =)