The Honolulu Marathon Recap

This was a wonderful experience. Given the opportunity, I would do it all over again. And I would run behind this guy…


Like many other marathoners, part of my pre-race ritual includes reading race reviews. Sadly none of my go-to bloggers had done this race so I had to rely on the regular Internet…UGH. The results were not pretty. Major complaints included too many runners, organizers catered to Japanese runners more than Americans, and too much highway! And that’s only naming a few.

Thank goodness I’m as stubborn as an ox (my mom showed me the test results…this is a proven fact). I just have to experience things for myself. And after I saw the starting line…then the fireworks…IT WAS A WRAP


Those reviews were bogus. There were lots of people running and more than enough room for all of us. There were English/Japanese translations for everything. That was never an issue. And the scenery was beautiful. You’re running in Hawaii!!! Enjoy it!

I started with a pretty even steady pace…I was happy with that. Singing Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes out loud and taking it all in.


Them came the spill…it was an unfortunate accident. Someone stopped short in front of me and to avoid killing her I dove left and my knee made contact with the concrete…HARD. That was at mile 15 and every move was painful after that.

I was moving much slower, trying to incorporate a walk-some/run-some technique, but I couldn’t mask the pain. Then the water came…that rain was good and bad all at the same time. It was refreshing, but it brought a pretty wicked head wind.


The important thing is that I made it…and I was happy. It took 6 hours and 55 minutes, but boy was I happy. So we’re the two young ladies that finished alongside me that burst into tears. It was just THAT AMAZING!!

And then I went surfing…


…ok, I went to a bar to watch football, but in my head I was surfing.

Great race! Great island!

Signing off…ETT! =)


3 Responses to “The Honolulu Marathon Recap”

  1. Awesome pics! Gotta make it out there for that race it looks awesome


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