Rise & Shine

… all of you late bloomers who haven’t decided what to do with yourself in 2012

… all of you runners who haven’t already mapped out EVERY race you plan on signing up for in 2012

… all of you New Year’s Resolution enthusiasts who haven’t quite made it past the list aptly affixed to your refrigerator

… all of you elite athletes gearing up for Olympic Trials, et al

… all of you novice runners preparing for that local 5k Fun Run

… all of you in-betweenies (like me) fighting to best yourself at that event or distance the next time around


I’m so happy to see you this wonderful 2012 morning and I want to wish you all the best. May you have strong legs, filled lungs, durable shoes, strong determination, and cute race photos. Stay healthy and always keep your goals in the crosshairs. I’m rooting for you and I’m and proud of you.

Signing Off… ETT =)

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