Podcasts Are Good For You

trust me!!! Especially the one’s for guys.

Set aside my infatuation with listening to Bomani‘s Evening Jones during my late night runs and starting the day with Peter Sagal hosting NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me.

I want to ask you a serious question. 😐   <– that’s my serious face smiley… don’t judge

Have you ever listened to Aisha Tyler‘s Girl On Guy podcast?


Well, so yourself a favor and start. It’s not to late.

All three are available as free downloads on iTunes and Girl on Guy is also available via Amazon for Android.

Choose your favorite noiseless activity (i.e. running, walking, feeding other people’s toddlers copious amounts of candy) and prepare to engage your mind. Consider it cerebrum coitus. Ok, maybe don’t consider it that. I’ve found that listening to something other than melodious headbangers can help take my mind off the miles and my aching joints. In addition to that it’s quite stimulating.

Aisha’s interview with Jean Grae is one of my favorite and as are any segment on TEJ (formally The Morning Jones) involving Bo, Brooklyn Stacy, and/or DJ Mike Hitman. If that’s not enough, go listen to Bo discuss why Sam Hurd is an idiot that most likely has never seen The Wire.

Signing off… ETT =)


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