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April 30, 2012

Painful 15-Mile Long Run…

…this past weekend!

My everything hurts! =( Especially after my last brush with “nature.” Sometimes I wonder if I can actually run through the pain, but the past few days have been a true test of my mettle. The North Face Endurance Challenge 50k is only 12 days away and I’m worried to say the least.. I have one last long run (20-mile) tomorrow… so we’ll see how I feel.

Unfortunately, I’m also still trying to wrap my brain around this here elevation map…

Signing off… ETT =/

April 12, 2012

Te hni al Diffi ulties

It’s really hard to rant about slipping in a fresh pile of spit and twisting your ankle in the metro, when your iPhone doesn’t understand rudimentary profanity.

Par exemplo:
Motherly suckers <– (I actually like this one)

I blame Siri for not understanding my needs. That birch!

AND… back to your regularly scheduled duckery!

Signing off… ETT =)

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April 5, 2012

Sweep The Tombs Early…

… so that way, you have time to play the rest of the day!

For this years Tomb Sweeping Day, also know as Qing Ming Jie (清明节), my colleagues and I visited Qianmen Street in Old Beijing. It’s funny to have Old Beijing so close to New Beijing and in some of the photos below you can see how modernization is pushing its way in…

Qianmen is a network of interconnected alleyways and corridors south of the Forbidden, or Imperial, City… since it’s a commerical area, this isn’t necessarily considered a hutong but it has the same feel…

There’s a trolley that transports patrons from one end of the main walking street to the other…

At the north entrance, you can see the Zhengyangmen (正阳门) Gatehouse , or Archery Tower… this 42-meter high tower was used to defend the Forbidden City (north of Qianmen) from intruders and is the tallest tower in Beijing’s city wall…

Like any other shopping area in China, there’s food… anyone for some scorpion on a stick? or perhaps a juicy beetle?

We got away from the bugs as quickly as possible… and ran into this guy…

Who probably spent much of his time using this (which I think is an apparatus for grinding meal)…

Or maybe he just used it to chase this guy with…

After exploring Qianmen, we headed to Capital M for afternoon tea…

Afternoon tea at Capital M is a wonderful experience. As a matter of fact, any meal at Capital M is wonderful. It’s worth a visit if have the chance.  I have to make plans to go back soon.


With the weather getting nicer, Qianmen is also a must see. I took the day off from running and it was well worth it.

Signing off… ETT! =)

April 3, 2012

Where is ETT?

Between me and you… I think she’s hiding from us! Or maybe the real reason is that she totally misconstrued her priorities and has been treating her blog like a stepchild.

She has been running though, more than 3km of course…

But she’s been doing most I her long runs here…

I think her running schedule has been interfering with her blogging, but I’ve given her a stern talking to and we’ve got a pretty sweet lineup for you this week:

1. Tour of Old Beijing at Qianmen (前门)
2. Afternoon Tea at Capital M

Stay tuned for plenty of pics and from those events!

Signing off… ETT =)