Running Again…

TODAY’S WORKOUT: Run/walk 4.4mi (60:00) + squat thrusts (6:00)

… and thanks to Angel, I’m motivated again. Sometimes, all it takes is a swift kick in the rear to get a person back on track. I think that was all I needed.

For months now I’ve been trying to overcome injuries from the North Face Challenge 50k and Great Wall marathon earlier this year. I feel much better now, but after moving from China to the Kingdom I really haven’t gotten my workout groove back. This 21 day fitness jump off may be just what the doctor ordered.

Over the next few weeks I will follow this challenge and throw in some planned “get back to running” workouts.

Wish me luck! Positive thoughts, healthy lifestyle, & as many after-race cold showers in random motel rooms that I can stand!

GWM 2012

GWM 2012

Signing off… ETT! =)


UPDATE: So I did the squat thrusts for 6 minutes when I got home from work and… whew… that ain’t right. First of all, squat thrusts are just no push-up burpees. That was was smooth, Angel!

The first minute is pretty inspiring. By minute 3, you’re thinking… ok, I’m starting to feel it. And them BHAM!!! Minute 4 hits you square in the face! Why me!?! What the hell is wrong with my stopwatch!?! Please make it stop!!! Then you get to minute 6 and you’re on the floor feeling spent, but accomplished… and determined never to agree to do that again. I might could do that again.

what do you think?

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