TNF Marathon Update + June Faves

It probably took me so long to post this, because I felt awful breaking the bad news. I didn’t run the TNF Washington, DC marathon like I said I would =( Ok, this news is more heartbreaking for me than it is for you, but that doesn’t make it any easier to share.

It was just a case of pushing one’s body to hard too fast. I thought I could get myself ready for a marathon with little (more like no) prep, but my body is MUCH smarter than me… lemme tell ya. As soon as I started to up the mileage during my short training period, my knees threw up the white flag.

So here’s what I did instead…


Went to a lovely wedding [congrats to the newlyweds]

Did some hardcore relaxing [adult beverages included]

Beer Sampler

Sampled beer with the folks and lil bro [first time for everything]

I will get my act together for future and potential races. Not sure what I was thinking with the TNF… maybe the fact that I was going on vacation made me think I could do anything. I’ve run long distances before and should have known better. BAD, ETT… BAD!!!! [there.. I just gave myself an Internet scolding]



I guess one of the other things I’ve picked up on since my vacation is how much I love (when other people publish their) favorites. So I decided to dabble in this ritual myself. Here are a few things that I could not get enough of in the month of June…

1. Lets start with the obvious… FAVES. The below video from Summer0892 was what got me hooked.

2. Revolve NYC… I rode that indoor cycle until the wheels fell off. It was probably moreso my legs, but I’m telling everyone I won that fight. I found myself in that studio every chance I could get, doing double rides and all. By the end of each class I was wobbly and maybe a bit nauseous at times, but it was worth every bit of effort. I think I rode with 60% of the NYC instructors and they were all knowledgeable, motivating, and bad ass.  Don’t be afraid… just go and ride your cares away.

Revolve has studios in both New York City and Washington, D.C. as well as class/package options to fit any rider’s needs. Check them out on WordPress and Twitter.

3. Mushrooms… I’m back to my ovo-lacto-pescatarian ways and this month I’ve discovered a dish so good that it was repeated more times than I’m willing to admit. Yep… that good. It’s a spicy noodle dish with mushroom and cashew nut. The mushrooms were the highlight to me and after every repetition I seemed to be adding more and more of them to the recipe… and it only got better.

I made those noodles taste so good, I wanted to smack my momma. But I would never do that because I like living.



4. The Asics Gel Lyte33 II… these are some comfy running shoes. They are the perfect combination of stability and cushion for my flat feet, not to mention they only weigh 9oz. I’m in love with these shoes and despite my unflattering report of not actually having run the TNF WashDC marathon, I have actually been using them.

Photo courtesy of

Signing off… ETT -_-


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