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August 7, 2013

July Faves

Me Waving

Hey Peeps! I’ve been up to no good, as usual, but thought this would be a good time to take a break from my debauchery to share what’s kept me going through the month of July.

I will also mention that not listed below is my decision to ‘go vegan’ for a few days out of each week during the moth of July. Let me tell you… I can’t recall having such a boost in energy as I’ve had during those days. If I had to pick a number one favorite it would be my Vegan Days, but I’ll do a separate post about the specifics.


  1. I have to start with Scalini’s Margherita pizza. Simple, yet well done. Since leaving Beijing and my beloved GungHo! Pizza I’ve been a bit apprehensive about trying any other delivery options. I can’t say that Scalini’s compares to GungHo!, but I will say that I was not disappointed. This hit the spot!
  2. The Lululemon gym/yoga tote is my everything right now. I’ve taken up tennis lessons and in addition to running and other cross training activities, this bag is the perfect support system. I can fit everything in there… including my lunch bag, makeup, wallet, and various other items that I should really just put away when I get home!!! [NOTE TO SELF: Put your sh t away when you get home]
  3. Fit & Hungry’s 21 Day Challenge is the perfect monthly favorite item… mainly because it took up most of the month of July and just ended on August 4th. This challenge was physical, nutritional, and mental… and it was just what I needed. Every once in a while the lovely Angel R. Stone (spin instructor & athlete extraordinaire) shares challenges with her readers and subscribers. These challenges can be done by people of all fitness levels and all you need to do is stay tuned for daily instructions, keep in touch with Angel via comments or tweets, and do the work. The thing to remember is that the challenge is there for you and only you can perform the work!!! This is work checking out.
  4. Who would have thought that a recipe shared in the New York Times back in 1966 would have such a hold on me!?! Well, David Eyre’s pancake recipe is just the type to have such an effect. These baked in the oven pancakes are the perfect weekend breakfast item. I threw in some fried eggs, coffee, and fresh berries with cream to bring it all together that particular Saturday morning, but David’s pancakes were still the star of the show.
  5. I finally broke out the Oster waffle maker and whipped myself up some waffles. The recipe I used was a generic Belgian variation that I found on the Internet, but here’s my secret… shhhhhhh I folded some freshly made whipped cream into the batter. *nods head slowly* Mmmmmhmmmm… it was good.
  6. So I know I’ve talked about these kicks already, but I had to mention them again. Not because they’re so awesome, which they are, but because they come with the best laces I think I’ve ever had on a pair of running shoes. I usually have to double knot my laces to make sure they don’t come undone. Approximately 40-miles in with these Asics GelLyte33 2‘s and I haven’t had to double knot them once. They stay in place on the treadmill, the road, and the trail. I’m in love with them!!!
  7. This particular breakfast combination may not look terribly spectacular, but it made for some of the most productive days I’ve had this month. It’s a veggie and portabella mushroom omelette along with a 16oz green smoothie (spinach, kiwis, apples, cucumbers, and some carrot orange juice). I obviously didn’t have these on the vegan days, but this breakfast did help me come close to having the same amount of energy I had on the vegan days.

Did you have any favorites for the month of July? What did you find yourself doing, eating, or using the most?

I hope you enjoyed the list and if you have any questions, sugguestions, or just want to share a few tidbits of information please feel free to comment below.

Signing off… ETT =)

July 11, 2013

iPod Wars + P-RIDE

Let’s Get This Party Started… RIGHT!!!

So, some crafty friends of mine decided to organize a great event in which closet DJs (like me), play songs as requested by the judging panel, that fit into random (SERIOUSLY RANDOM) categories, and get judged on a scale from 1 (worst) to 5 (best). The end result… the winner becomes the musical overlord of all of his/her friends until the next installment of iPod Wars. BIG FUN!

Werk It

We did this last night, so I don’t have the official numerical scores yet… but here’s how I played.


Sweetest Taboo x Sade


She Said OK x Big Boy (feat. Theophilus London & Tre Luce)


Oh-bla-di Oh-bla-da x The Beatles


Backseat Freestyle x Kendrick Lamar


Love the Way You Lie x Eminem (feat. Rihanna)


All That She Wants (Is Another Baby) x Ace Of Base


It Ends Tonight x The All-American Rejects


Darling Nikki x Prince


Dude (Looks Like A Lady) x Aerosmith


Ridin’ Dirty x Krayzie Bone (feat. Chamillionaire)

Going into the final round I was in 3rd place, but after hitting the judges with Ridin’ Dirty they had to recognize the superiority of my repertoire… I ended up tied for 1st place with a good buddy of mine. And the tie break got pretty interesting…


He played… Jammin’ x Bob Marley

I played… What is Love x Haddaway

What do you think happened? Yup, you got it! Another tie break…

TIE BREAK #2: With your own device play the BEST HOOK UP SONG ON THE “STEAK NIGHT” PLAYLIST (I have to note here that “Steak Night” is a local event that I do not attend so I was at a bit of a disadvantage)

I played… We Found Love x Rihanna (feat. Calvin Harris)

He played… Call Me Maybe x Carly Rae Jepsen

And he won!!!

It was an awesome night and even more awesome event! I’ll be better prepared for the next one!

To get my head right for this event, I’ve been mixing up my cross-training with some Nike Training Club workouts . I would recommend the NTC workouts for anyone who needs to mix it up a bit. NTC is a free app available on iTunes or Google Play with loads of content and variety. Give it a try.

I’ve also been incorporating some indoor cycling into my training. After spending so much time working out at the Revolve NYC studio, I’m having withdrawals. So I created a ride of my own (dedicated to the Supreme Court’s DOMA decision) that I like to call the P-RIDE aka my Push It To The Limit Ride. Check out the playlist and strategy below… and please note, I’m an amateur at this. I just put together some songs that I know motivate me to work and I used the resistance to my advantage.


Do you think you could own iPOD WARS? What would you say is the best song to workout to?

Signing off… ETT =)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Song number 11 in the P-RIDE playlist should be She Said OK (Big Boi feat. Theophilus Monk & Tre Luce).

December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays

SATURDAY’S WORKOUT: 3500m row (22min)
SUNDAY’S WORKOUT: 3000m row (16:45)
MONDAY’S WORKOUT: 1.5mi walk at 6deg incline (40min)
WEDNESDAY’S WORKOUT: 3 sets of 20 (squat thrusts, T push ups, & static v-up…this one was 1 set = 20sec) + 5mi run walk (60min) + 3500m row (19min)


I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season. Wishing you and yours all the best!

Signing off…ETT! =)

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December 21, 2012

Desert Storms & More Squat Thrusts

Tuesday’s WORKOUT: 3x3min Speed Intervals at 6mph w/2min jogs in between 1.57mi 17:00
Wednesday’s WORKOUT: 3.66mi/5mph 45:00 w/6mph 1min sprints at the end
Thursday: REST DAY
Friday’s WORKOUT: 10 to 1 Descending Ladder: Squat Thrusts & V-ups (2 sets = 07:17 & 07:21) + 4.5mi/4.5mph 60:00


So remember I was just saying something about not wanting to do anymore squat thrusts (AKA baby burpees)???

Well yeah… that didn’t work out as planned. I got through them, but they were torturous. I really had to slow down my run afterwards (4.5mph), but it turned out to be a really great run. Beautiful day in the desert…even though the clouds were weighing down on us.

Also this weekend, there was this…

…baking for a good cause (donated cookies)



…and farewell chocolate overload at Maya for JB


Great weekend and great being back on track. Hope you all had a wonderful end of the week!

Signing off… ETT! =)

April 30, 2012

Painful 15-Mile Long Run…

…this past weekend!

My everything hurts! =( Especially after my last brush with “nature.” Sometimes I wonder if I can actually run through the pain, but the past few days have been a true test of my mettle. The North Face Endurance Challenge 50k is only 12 days away and I’m worried to say the least.. I have one last long run (20-mile) tomorrow… so we’ll see how I feel.

Unfortunately, I’m also still trying to wrap my brain around this here elevation map…

Signing off… ETT =/

February 1, 2012

Because it looked like fun…

… is usually my answer to the question of why I do the crazy things that I do. To be honest… it’s a cover all for most of the questions I get asked. DON’T JUDGE ME!

That Crossfiting fool, Viking Superhero, and I have teamed up to design a marathon training plan. This is a big deal for me, because save my last long distance endeavor… I usually follow some running aficionado’s plan that I found on the Internet or in a magazine. I really enjoyed marching to the beat of my own drum last time and I’m dead set on keeping it that way. Now if only I were a running aficionado. 

I’m excited about this collaboration with Viking Superhero. To me, he is all things athletic and is great with strength training and motivation. He’s competitive and resilient. He seems to think that my short running experience will be beneficial to him in some way since this’ll be his first marathon, but I’m sticking to my “if I did it, you sure as hell can do it” philosophy. 

So far it looks like we’ve got some endurance and strength building loosely laid out for the first two months. We’ve both signed up for some runs (i.e. marathon & 50k) in May, so the plan is to try out our homemade training plan and tweak it as we go along. Once we have everything laid out, I’ll post the particulars. Feedback is most welcome. So is sporadic motivation. I mean, we can’t very well stay entertained by this guy for the entire race, can we???

Signing off… ETT =)

November 22, 2011

To Run or Not To Run!?!

… that was the question. It’s already been answered though… Honolulu Marathon, here I come!

While planning a winter vacation to somewhere sunny, I searched fervently for local race information stumbled across a nice little gem. I may be a weirdo, but to me it seemed only right that the Honolulu Marathon was going to take place smack dab in the middle of my island hopping extravaganza. I am most certainly going to hop my silly behind over to the starting line and get my run on. This is what vacations are all about… no?

What? You don’t run a 26.2-mile race when you go on vacation? Ok ok ok… I’m crazy for doing this, but I just can’t imagine when I would spend this much money just to compete in a race. I’ll have ample time to enjoy the islands as I taper my workouts. Right!?!

Speaking of workouts… it didn’t help that I decided to do this so close to race day. I mean, I’ve been running… but not with a real goal in mind. So I had to ramp up the efforts… I threw together a 25-day plan chock full o’ tempo runs, speed & strength work, along with some long runs. I’m six days into and although there is some familiar race preparation aching, my legs feel strong… and I’m psyched!

Trust me… you would be excited too… just imagine watching the sun rise over Diamond Head or running along Waikiki Beach! I’m giddy with excitement. I don’t, however, know how I feel about this scavenger hunt at the end of the race for my finisher’s medal and race shirt… but I think I can deal. It’ll be a new adventure… good or bad, I love adventure!

My goal is to try and catch up to ole Nicky Nick here and get his autograph...

Annnnnnddddd if nothing else, it’ll make for some wicked oceanside bikini pics… YEEEEEAAAAAAA BOYYYYYYYYY


Signing Off… ETT =)

October 24, 2011

3 Days…

… Until ETT’s feet hit Frenchman Street, the lesser known little brother of Bourbon Street!!!

Today’s workout was a modified “Bradshaw,” courtesy of… 10 rounds for time:
5 x Standard Pushups
6 x 85lb Deadlifts
4 x Negative Pullups
50 x Jump rope (singles)
………………..29min =/ … IT HURT

My muscles felt a little better after I read SUAR‘s Picks of the Week post. You should go check it out!

Signing Off… ETT =)

October 22, 2011

5 Days…

…Until I line up outside of 726 St. Peter Street to get the best seats (or pillows) in the house at Preservation Hall!!!

Today’s Workout:
Had to mix up the CrossFit… Instead of the 10x press with 60sec breaks (didn’t have the weights available), I did 10 rounds of 20 double unders with 10sec breaks………………..

Then I realized my ankle wasn’t feeling up to today’s run. =/

So… I opted out of the 20 minutes of speed work I had planned to be sure that I felt good for tomorrow’s long run. We shall see!

Signing Off… ETT =)

October 21, 2011

Let The Countdown Begin…

6 days until THE BEST PO’ BOY IN THE WHOLE U.S. of A.

Yes, you guessed right…ETT is headed to Nawlins (that’s New Orleans for all you non-believers). Boy, am I excited!

Dis gon be gooooood! [in my best Mama Odie voice]


This countdown also coincides nicely with busy period in my running/workout schedule!

Today was a long run:
9.6km (6.0mi) @ 8.8kph(5.5mph)

…and today’s CrossFit workout:
100m sprints + 60sec rests in between
10reps (for time)………………..15:34

Signing Off… ETT =)