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July 4, 2012

Left Behind

The sights of Beijing have been engraved in my brain for the past three years. It was harder to leave than I’d expected and explaining the feeling of leaving Beijing is even harder to put into words.

Maybe a few pics from my last few days might help…

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Signing off… ETT

October 11, 2011

China Open 2011

The China Open this year didn’t pull as many top names as it would have liked… with Novak Djokovic and Venus Williams dropping out at the last minute… but they sure did put on a great show!

At the National Tennis Complex, with brand new center court stadium, spectators had the option of watching matches on 10 courts… 7 of which only requiring a ground pass and perfect timing to get a seat. The great part about the “open” courts was that, if you did time it right you could be watching men’s final runner-up Marin Cilic take on fellow Croatian (and doubles partner) Ivan Ljubicic… or the American brothers, Bob and Mike Bryan, smash through to the doubles quarter-finals. I had passes to all center court games and took full advantage during this Golden Week in China. Minus watching Andy RODDICK and LI Na getting edged out in the first round… the games were exciting and entertaining. I did have a great time following some of my faves, like Jo-Wilfred TSONGA (France) and Paul CAPDEVILLE (Chile).

The build up was well worth it… and the finals did not disappoint.

Top honors went to Tomas BERDYCH, of the Czech Republic, and Agnieszka RADWANSKA, of Poland… and they both earned it. Blood, sweat, and tears….. and the occasional tennis battle cry! =)

I must say though, of all the games I had the pleasure of watching… it was the women’s final match that was hands down THE best! Those ladies really know how to put on a show… it was three sets of nail-biting, neck breaking, glory. Going into the match Radwanska was the favorite to win, but Germany’s Andrea PETKOVIC was not going out without a fight. After what appeared to be a game-ending knee injury as Petkovic had just rallied back to win 3 straight games in the first set… she called in the professionals to work a miracle. AND SHE DID! I don’t know what kind of special sauce/super-human sports medicine that little tennis fairy put on Petkovic’s knee, but it brought her back to life. She lost the first set 7-5, but took Radwanska to school winning the second set 6-0. I repeat… the lady with the knee injury won the second set 6-0. Athleticism at it’s finest. PAIN IS TEMPORARY!!! The two went game for game in the third set until Radwanska broke Petkovic’s service to gain a 5-3 lead and eventually close out the match by winning the next game. I would pay to watch those two do it all over again.

What at way to end a great tournament and a super long vacation!!!

Signing off… ETT =)

September 7, 2011

One hour delay because of traffic…

… we didn’t hit any of the “Baby On Road” cars

…and this is what we have to show for it!

Tower Window


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…and then we ate =)

We did good this week… I just hope the next scheduled hike can top this one!

Signing off… ETT =)

September 1, 2011

Hide your kids…

It’s the start of the BIDL dart season and ETT is once again in possesion of deadly weapons… STAY LOW!!!!

Don’t be scurred, Manila Bulls…ETT =)

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August 30, 2011

“No Admittance” signs are just suggestions

Great Wall Underwater

… because I’m pretty sure it says ‘come on in’ in Chinese! I could be wrong, but judging by all the locals walking straight past the cautionary stake in the ground, I’m thinking it should be followed by a question mark and smiley face. (:

This past weekend, we decided to explore the Lake Side Great Wall Reserve (or 黄花城, HuangHuaCheng) where a portion of the Beijing Great Wall is under water. It was a pretty cool thing to see, but the story (not as cool) is that a dam was built in the neighborhood some years ago and the water was pushed over a low portion of the wall.

Yea… I know… It would have won many awesome points if they built a section underwater.

Park Sign

We were headed towards the under water Great Wall & Chestnut Garden, but I knew this place was alright when I saw that they had a "Pleasure Boat" (50pts to Lakeside)

Despite the “no admittance” signs, we still took the time to explore what we could. It was a beautiful area…


Rocky Mountains & Streams

and it even has a ‘sandy beach’…

Sandy Beach Sign

Sandy Beach

The "10m" is not the distance to the 'beach'... it's the actual length of the beach!

…I would NEVER have assumed this would be worthy of being classified as a beach, but who am I to judge!?!

I think we will definitely try this hike again and might even run a few of the trails… next time, we’re going all in… right past the “no admittance” signs… it’s the Brooklyn in me… I’m a ‘Trail Thug’ what can I say.

Have you disobeyed caution signs before? Would you do something like that just for the sake of adventure?

Signing off… ETT =)

August 8, 2011

Climbing 800m hurts…

…thankfully, we picked the shorter mountain to climb. I wish I could say they made it easy on us, but this was a hike.

龙庆峡 (pinyin: Long Qing Xia)… is Beijing’s Small Three Gorges.

They’ve got everything from serene waterways…

to non-smoking areas… =)

an "Illusion Point" (or observatory) at the top of each mountain peak…

to the "Beijing Bikini"…

(hey, what better way to cool off than to partially strip)

This is mos def worth a repeat… although I was too timid to try the bungee jump and zip-line, I still managed to keep myself entertained. Tune in this winter for a quick review of the 龙庆峡 Ice Festival.

Signing off… ETT =)

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July 26, 2011

Never underestimate your FRIENDS…


Especially FRIENDS who invite you to BEER FESTIVALS!

Separately, the two are forces to be reckoned with. Together, on one of the hottest muggiest days in Beijing… they made for one of the best experiences I’ve had in China to date. This past Saturday, we attended The Beijinger Beer Festival 2011 at Villa Castanea in Fragrant Hills.

Although the weather provided no relief for festival goers, organizers were prepared for the worst. As patrons entered the Villa they were handed fans, fedoras, steins, and cold beer. What more could anyone ask for (other than an ‘A/C to molest’ as my friend J put it)?

Featured tents were repping everything from local breweries like Great Leap and DXcel… to world renowned names like Heineken and Vandergeeten… to the house brew, Villa Castanea. They even had drinking contests (two liters, one straw, no hands… GO).

In a moment of national pride I cheered on one gentleman who, hailing from Northern California, drank the competition into submission… TWICE. His talents were so overwhelming, he was kindly asked not to enter any of the upcoming competitions. As the famous Tupac song goes… “California… know’s how to party

We munched on bratwurst with sauerkraut, beer battered fish, and German pretzels while enjoying the entertainment. DJs Patrick Yu, Usami, Nassdak, and Bitesize Buddha held down the 1s & 2s. Then beer guzzlers were in for a real treat when Bluegrass band Randy Abel Stable sang classics tunes while accepting free beer from their fans. My absolute fave was Mongolian band Ajinai who after joining Randy Abel Stable for a few songs took to the stage and got me ready to do my war dance. Thankfully, my friends were too busy being mesmerized by the Mongolian throat singing that they didn’t snap a picture of me doing said dance.


After spending 19 hours awake (and downing 6 7 steins of Strongbow)… the following day I was in true EarthToTrish mode. BUT like any respectable Bierleichen, I did find time to make myself some grub…

ETT's Evening After Meal

All in all, this was a wonderful excursion thanks to The Beijinger and my crazy, but amazing cohorts. We can’t wait to be there next year!

Did you attend? If so, what did you think about it? How was your weekend?

Signing Off… ETT!