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December 1, 2011

Spotify, An NBA Christmas, and Stiff Joints…

… these things topped the list of thoughts that ran through my head during last night’s 12-miler. Here’s what I was thinking:

  1. SPOTIFY: Anything that has anything to do with music always catches my attention. What can I say… I can’t live without music. That’s the truth and I’m not afraid to say it. [INSERT TANGENT HERE] I once had my car radio stolen (by-product of living in the hood) right before a pre-planned four-hour drive to NYC… it was the longest four hours of ETT’s life, let me tell you. I can’t sing! And I had to sing to myself, out loud… [END OF TANGENT] I digress. I’m sadly not interested in Spotify at all. Why would I want to pay $10/month for streaming audio (that’s possibly not streaming as fast as advertised) when I could just pony up the same amount and support the artists I love by buying their album??? If I’m not guaranteed gapless playback, why bother? Sorry, that’s just how I feel about it. I’m going to continue to buy albums by my favorite artists and those funky newbies until somebody finds a way to give me the same quality while compensating the musicians/artists/engineers/producers/writers/others the way they deserve to be compensated. This took up about 40 minutes of the run… by the way I was listening to Drake’s new album Take Care ❤ 
  2. NBA Christmas: Some people wish for snow and presents… I just want to get some Knicks tickets for me and the fam. I think it would be a very welcome change to the normal holiday schedule of events. No?
  3. Stiff Joints: I’m not talking illegal substance abuse here… it was more like old lady joint pain. I mean, boy was my right ankle killing me. The crazy part was whenever I slowed down, it hurt more. What kind of sick twisted skeletal-sadism is this!?! What do you want from me, right ankle? What you’re telling me is if I run faster you won’t hurt? I oughta kick you in the you know what, you mean little ankle! Yea… I said it!

Do you daydream about randomness when you run? Most times I just focus on the music and my feet.

Signing off… ETT =)