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February 7, 2012


… it may be the word most associated with ER jargon (or maybe that’s STAT), either way it’s also the word used to describe my status for The North Face 100 Endurance Challenge‘s 50k event.

Woohoo… wait, what person in their right mind gets happy about being cleared to run 50-kilometers (31.25-miles) through Chinese mountains… wellI do! Don’t worry, I’m sure that my happiness will at some point lead to doubt and nervousness and possibly even disbelief, but for now I’m truly excited about this new challenge and happy to finally be given the opportunity. Who knows… if I train hard, stay healthy, and stop eating double fudge brownies with caramelized bacon morsels, perhaps the last word I hear may not be CLEAR!!! =) I know… I’m such a positive person! =) and that bit about the brownies was made up… I don’t even know if such a dessert exists! Promises O_o

As for training… check out The Numbers to track my progress. This week will be an easy build week with some hill intervals thrown in. Total mileage will be somewhere around 14-miles, so nothing too fancy. Yesterday, Ke$ha and I banged out an easy 3-miler (she was in my ear of course).

That was right after I watched Super Bowl XLVI!!! What a heart wrenching game it was for me. By the third quarter, I’d developed a nervous shake because I didn’t think we were going to make it… BUT like many a regular season fourth quarter, when the Giants are down, they rallied back and dug deep for a win. I will admit, Ahmad Bradshaw’s “turn around and lay it down” touchdown was almost as HAWT as Mr. Quiggly in Skechers with matching red sweater. Nonetheless, I’m positive the Giants won because I wore my lucky NY Mets ball cap and dingy NY Giants sweater to the bar. I am a proud fan, what can I say!

Until next year NFL and congratulations to the New York Giants!!!

Signing off… ETT =)

January 27, 2012

Dragon’s Breath…

If someone say’s you’ve got Dragon’s Breath (around these parts) it usually means you’ve been marked. In a Typhoid Mary, stay away from that germy bastard sort of way. So when I was called that earlier this morning by a colleague, I felt hurt.

You cut me deep… real deep!

As I walked away sulking and coughing into my elbow (so as to deny my germs the chance of infecting another poor soul)… I thought about the new moniker I’d just received. Typhoid Mary is nasty sounding, but it’s pretty much to the point. This chick Mary is carrying around the cooties and now everybody knows. Dragon’s Breath on the other hand could be any number of things. From a severe case of halitosis to a person well versed in “yo mama” comeback jokes. Or maybe people will realize that Dragon’s Breath is really just a zirconium-based pyrotechnic shotgun round banned in most places due to its propensity to burn s[   ] the f[   ] up. Nobody really know’s what I did to get the name, but I’m sure they’re not really willing to find out.

YEAH!!! I’m tough… they call me Dragon’s Breath… I strike fear in the hearts of co-workers and small children. I’m winning!!!

Now if only I could say all of that without sounding like Daffy Duck after chain smoking three packs of filterless cig in 2 minutes, then all would be right with the world.

Enough about all that… I just hope to be rid of this cold sooner than later so that I can get back to my normal running routine. Especially since it seems I’ve convinced The North Face 100 Endurance Challenge committee here in Asia that I can run 50-kilometers without dying. =)

Happy Lunar New Year to all my Chinese friends! 新ćčŽćż«äčÂ 

And Happy Year of the Dragon(‘s Breath)! =) 韙ćčŽ

Signing Off… ETT =)