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February 1, 2012

Because it looked like fun…

… is usually my answer to the question of why I do the crazy things that I do. To be honest… it’s a cover all for most of the questions I get asked. DON’T JUDGE ME!

That CrossfitingĀ fool, Viking Superhero, and I have teamed up to designĀ a marathon training plan. This is a big deal for me, becauseĀ save my last long distance endeavor… I usually follow some running aficionado’sĀ plan that I found on theĀ Internet or in a magazine.Ā I really enjoyed marching to the beat of my own drum last time andĀ I’m dead set on keeping it that way. Now ifĀ only I were a running aficionado.Ā 

I’m excited about this collaboration with Viking Superhero. To me, he is all things athletic andĀ is great withĀ strength training andĀ motivation.Ā He’s competitive and resilient. He seems to think that my short running experience will be beneficial to him in some way sinceĀ this’ll be his firstĀ marathon, butĀ I’m sticking to myĀ “if IĀ did it, you sure as hellĀ can do it” philosophy.Ā 

So far it looks like we’ve got some endurance and strength building loosely laid out for the first two months. We’ve both signed up for some runs (i.e. marathon & 50k) in May, so the plan is to try out our homemade training plan and tweak it as we go along. Once we have everything laid out, I’ll post the particulars. Feedback is most welcome. So is sporadic motivation. I mean, we can’t very well stay entertained by this guy for the entire race, can we???

Signing off… ETT =)

October 13, 2011

Don’t Let Anyone Touch Your Treadmill…

… you’ll be sorry if you do!!!

I had a great workout yesterday with the Viking Superhero (who asked to remain anonymous… for now). It was 20 minutes of OUCH! He’s a CrossFit profit… spreading the daily workout to anyone who’ll listen… Viking Superhero by day, prophet of workouts after business hours.


– Sprint Row TabataĀ (TabataĀ =Ā 20secĀ of intense activity +Ā 10secĀ of rest… for 8reps)
– Complete as many rounds as possible within 15minĀ (should have been 30min, but we were running out of time)

  • 10 – lat pull downs (50lbs)Ā or 10 – push ups
  • 15 – back extensions (25lbs)
  • 20 – sit ups (25lbs)
  • 400m run

… I completed 3 rounds + 400 meter run.

It felt great… except when the Viking walked over to my treadmill, lectured me about not pushing myself hard enough, and proceeded to up my speed to 10 MILES PER HOUR!!!


I’m sure his eyesight is 20-20. AND I’m sure he can see how short my legs are. Was he trying to kill me? Was it some sort of sick joke? Thankfully, I didn’t fall off the treadmill, but I’m NEVER EVERĀ letting him near me while I’m on there EVER EVER AGAIN!!! EVER

Aside from that… CrossFit rocks. They post a new workout each day (except on rest days… the formula = 3 days on + 1 day off)… and they have some pretty cool pics…

Have you ever done any CrossFit workouts? If not, you should try it out!

Signing off… ETT =)