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August 11, 2011

Chocolate for lunch = PHANTASTICUS

YES…¬†that’s a word… it’s Latin… and it’s in the ETT Dictionary of Words That Should Still Be In Everyday Use


So I’m back in Shanghai and where do my lovely friends take me¬†for lunch? Yup, you guessed it… Whisk Choco Cafe! [I love it when the audience plays along, you guys are awesome] =)

All I have to say about that place is…. YUM! I want to go back¬†as soon as¬†my Chocolate Red Velvet cake stupor¬†wears off. Unfortunately, because I was silly and ate real food prior to dessert¬†(i.e. amazing tomato¬†soup + Caesar salad) I barely made it through my slice of¬†Heaven¬†before the chocolate coma came over me like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. I couldn’t help feeling like I’d been doped… but in a good way!


Whisk is¬†at 1250 Huaihai¬†Zhong Lu… if you’re in Shanghai, it’s worth a trip!

What did you have for lunch? Can you survive on chocolate treats alone? (I think I can)


Signing off… ETT =)