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August 11, 2011

Chocolate for lunch = PHANTASTICUS

YES… that’s a word… it’s Latin… and it’s in the ETT Dictionary of Words That Should Still Be In Everyday Use


So I’m back in Shanghai and where do my lovely friends take me for lunch? Yup, you guessed it… Whisk Choco Cafe! [I love it when the audience plays along, you guys are awesome] =)

All I have to say about that place is…. YUM! I want to go back as soon as my Chocolate Red Velvet cake stupor wears off. Unfortunately, because I was silly and ate real food prior to dessert (i.e. amazing tomato soup + Caesar salad) I barely made it through my slice of Heaven before the chocolate coma came over me like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. I couldn’t help feeling like I’d been doped… but in a good way!


Whisk is at 1250 Huaihai Zhong Lu… if you’re in Shanghai, it’s worth a trip!

What did you have for lunch? Can you survive on chocolate treats alone? (I think I can)


Signing off… ETT =)