The Rules

Every now and then I post new rules to live by…some may be simple and some complex, but I’m sure some crazy EarthToTrish moment made them random, but necessary!

  1. Follow your heart
  2. Don’t let others determine the type of person you are… be true to yourself
  3. Always carry tissue… [this rule comes in very handy in China]
  4. Be sure to find the way out, before entering
  5. NEVER take for granted the things you have………………..
  6. NEVER underestimate a crackhead… especially one from Brooklyn… just sayin’
  7. Whatever you do, don’t drop your cell phone on Bourbon Street… otherwise you deserve to be accused of searching for spent beads
  8. Always be aware of your surroundings…. STAY ALERT
  9. Take ownership of your actions… being honorable doesn’t always mean being virtuous, but it will always be respected
  10. Drink at least 12oz of water before bed… it helps, TRUST ME
  11. NEW Be weary of holding signs with men’s names on them at an airport in the Kingdom… you may be mistaken for a man seeking whore… just sayin’
  12. NEW Pu’er, wulong, Jasmine pearls… in that order… just do it!
  13. NEW Learn as much as you can from the people around you… everyone has a lesson to teach, whether you


2 Comments to “The Rules”

  1. I’m curious about why it’s important to carry a tissue in China – are they mega stingy with 2-ply or something?

    • =) good question… there are many public restrooms here, which is great; but they don’t always have the right “resources,” hence the need to be prepared………..AND hand sanitizer is also a must

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